Monday, October 12, 2015

More Precious!

One year ago, October 6th, Roxie was in surgery for a mastectomy. She posted on her FB page that she thinks she was awake, in pain, but elated when she looked down to find she still had nipples! 

"Praises and tears! One year. It seems like forever ago. Remember these?! 
(Not Roxie, but these are the drain tubes we had to empty. The tubes came out of an incision.)

"Awful things, I felt like some sort of freak out of a bad science experiment gone wrong! Thank you to my mother, hubby and bestie for helping me during this time deal with these new emotions and body parts."

We are super excited to celebrate with Roxie tonight. The hurdles that she's soared, the courage and strength she's portrayed as well as the weakest hours makes this mile stone marker even more precious. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ready to Go!

Every year since we've started going to the Sports Show in Economowoc, we've been blessed to spend one night in Oshkosh with the sons and daughters there. Since it's always coincided with Roxie's birthday, we've been able to celebrate with her.

When this first started, we would set it up with her hubby and the others so we could surprise her at the steak house. After the second and third time, we were still able to surprise her, but she doesn't love surprises as much as I do. Then, well, last year, we were busy dealing with the double mastectomy surgery one week prior.

So much has happened and so many hurdles we've jumped through in just one short long year! With hindsight, it still seems so long, so rough and super tough. I can't help but be thankful she's a scrapper. I'm glad she was doled out a little extra chutzpah! She's certainly needed it as she has to insist on medical care every inch of the way. Thank God she knew, she insisted and sure enough, the physicians who poo-pooed her were wrong.

She's got about 3-4 inches of hair growth now. It's a bit more curly and she's tried it in several different colors, but now she's back to her blond which really works best with her skin tone. Funny how that works.

It's no surprise this year, but we booked a motel with a pool, so Rylan, Roxie & I can get in a little swim fun before dinner. All my bags are packed. I'm ready to go....

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Forever. Amen!

I was so blessed by Psalm 23 yesterday, I just have to share my own rendition.

Yes. You are Shepherd. We have no want. You provide - You are Provider.
Yes. You give me peace. You cause my spirit to rest.
Yes. You lead me in a peaceful and restful manner.
Yes. You restore what the enemy has stolen and heal all the broken places.
Yes. You lead us in the right way, on the right path for Your Name's sake.
Yes. Even if I walk the valley of the "shadow" of death, I will not fear - 
You are with me, will be with me and will comfort me.
What a great promise..especially as we near the shadow. 
I will NOT be 'cared Ump-pa, I KNOW you love me!*
Yes. You prepare the table of abundance, the evidence of your blessing and presence with us so our enemies will be silenced and ashamed.
Yes. You anoint my head with the oil of joy, so my heart overflows with the overwhelm of how great your love is for me! My heart's tears run down my face, the evidence of the overwhelming emotion of your powerful love.
Yes. Surely. Your goodness and mercy poured out on us has caused me to see that you are with me, following us every day and all our days.
Yes. We dwell in your house. Here. Now. You. With us.
Here. Now. This is the house the Lord has given us. This physical dwelling place...
of joy and beauty. Today. Every day and forever. AMEN!

*To quote my son as a little boy who told me he wasn't 'cared because he knew Jeezee loved him.

Friday, October 9, 2015


The ability to inspire is something that thrills me. It moves me to tears even. Yesterday, I received a wonderful gift from my hubby. 

We've gotten into a routine, as all couples sooner or later fall into. We have certain jobs according to our talents, likes and dislikes that have evolved and make things run smoother. I am always excited about making our deposits, especially when I know they will cover our bills.

Last night, hubby handed me the bank book and told me to make the deposit. When I sat down to do so, he pulled a large wad of cash out and informed me that he'd had his own savings plan. He saved $10 per day over our summer in order to help at such a time as this. He'd saved $1000.00. Boy did we need it to cover our extra expenses. Let me say this about that. As much as it thrills me to know that our bills are paid, it blessed me even more to think that my $5 bill savings idea had inspired him.

Inspiration is a circle of life, like planting seeds in a garden, like the seasons. The ability to inspire is the gift, the result of living honestly and openly before others. By sharing what I'm doing, experiencing and feeling, others are encouraged that they, too, can try what I've discovered or what works for me.

Yes. I was inspired. He was inspired. We were inspired. I pray you are inspired!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wonderfully Refreshing!

After I posted last night about how I wasn't worried about getting our pictures hung and everything put in its place, hubby pulled out the level, the drill, screws and nails. We hung all the big pictures. Then we decided that the kitchen could wait for tonight because there would be more time then.

You know, there has to be a lot of truth to letting things go. It's as if there's some kind of power that gets released when you give it up. It always seemed kind of corny to hear, "If you love someone, let them go." 

It would seem that it might be more about respect. Respect for the other person would mean we could let go of our need to have it our own way now. It would mean out of respect for the other person's needs, we would give up our need to control - them. It would mean you'd let go of your need to make them please you and let go of your demands.

Well, the benefit of being good with however it went last night not only filled me with peace, but it released the energy into the air to get the job done. It was wonderfully refreshing.