Sunday, December 21, 2014


In an effort to keep up with tradition and yet still maintain my peace, I send out a few cards to those I desire to stay in touch with, those who I do not see on a regular basis or have discussions with on facebook. I do not send them to family because, hopefully, I will see my family.

Consider this your Christmas card and may the blessings of peace, health and wholeness be yours. And, may the things you hope for and dream of come to fruition.

Yes, hope is a whole lot more than just making a wish upon a star or blowing out candles. Hope is a powerful and tangible thing. Here's to hope!

My daughter, Roxie, shared the following video which puts to song some of the anguish as well as the hope we've experienced this year.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Fuller Life!

As I was writing/praying this morning during morning pages, I wrote/prayed that the Lord would be pleased to increase the power of the Holy Spirit in my life...and...prepare (me) for what He has for me. Prepare! Prepare for a "fuller" life. (Where did that come from? What does it mean? It just popped onto my paper.) What does a fuller life look like?

Full:  Satisfied, Satiated - satisfied fully or to excess

You know me. I spent the next 2 pages expanding on the above, but my favorites?

**Lacking restraint, check or qualification (full support) (Outside the box!) :-)
**Having all distinguishing characteristics: Enjoying all authorized rights & privileges!! (Yes!)
**Having an abundance of material
**Possessing a rich or pronounced quality (full flavor)
**Having volume or depth of sound (full tones)
**Rich in experience and Large enough to satisfy
+Completely illuminated (a full moon)
+Being at the highest or greatest degree: Maximum
Completely occupied (bases full)
Not lacking in any essential: perfect
+Complete (especially in detail, number, duration)
*Containing as much as possible

Filled/Fill: Satisfy, fulfill, complete, to supply, to make full

To spread through (music filled the air)
**To stop up the crevices or pores (to stop or obstruct leaks)
To repair (cavities)
To raise the level of :-)
**To cause to swell or billow (to fill the sails)
**To supply with a full complement (class is filled)

Wow. Just thinking about any of these definitions makes me uber excited. I can't believe how awesome this is; that this came out in morning pages. 

Is this not what Jesus came to do? To give us abundant life? So, to act out my faith and to honor The One who promised to do so, we focus on making and taking baby steps, every day toward a fuller life!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hope and Dream!

With so many extra things to do during the busy holiday season, it is more enjoyable at a slower pace, I've found and rather than stress about so much to do, there is more joy in the doing.

This morning I realized that my level of peace and contentment has risen tremendously over the past months. Well, then as I type, I guess, it's actually been over the past several years. Yeah. Peaceful contentment is some kind of wonderful! It's a joy to realize that my level of hope has now increased as well. 

This morning while writing my morning pages, I remembered that I had $40 I needed to run on a card that I had completely forgotten about. This made me wonder if perhaps morning pages might help us to remember. Just maybe. Hmmm. Then as I wondered, I realized that it really did because the morning before when I sat with pen in hand, it struck me that I had had a dream and it all came back to me. Yes. It does help us remember. :-) So, then I took it to the next level.

Morning pages:

helps us remember
helps us make decisions
helps us discover and acknowledge how we feel
helps us get organized and make a plan
helps us to pray about what concerns us
helps eliminate the unnecessary
helps recognize what steals our peace
helps us to remain positive (in faith)
helps us to focus
helps us to hope and dream

Yes. Writing morning pages is definitely helpful. Yes, I will hope and dream!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thankful! Overjoyed & Thrilled!

It's hard to beat yesterday's victory dance, but since this was my first day home in quite some time, I had to play catch up. It was very enjoyable. And, since there are only 6 days until the Christmas festivities begin, I got a good chunk of my gifts together (or ordered) and wrapped. 

A huge shout out to who came through for me again this year. They rock. Can't go wrong. They guarantee shipping and it was free.

A huge shout out to my hubby who helps me so much and still loves me in spite of myself. :-)

A huge shout of thanksgiving for Roxie doing so well. She even brought her best friend to her lasik surgery appointment this afternoon. 

A huge shout out to my son who made it through day two of treatment today. He didn't have much to say to me except that he just got out. I'm glad he shares his exuberance with his sister. She then keeps me up to speed. :-)

This morning, I wrote these words in my journal. I also wrote excited and hopeful! Yes, Thankful, Overjoyed and Thrilled to be excited about hope!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

The best birthday present of all?  

Besides having Roxie doing so well after her chemo? 
Besides having a wonderful visit with everyone in Oshkosh?
Besides being home for awhile? (Well until Christmas when we run back down to Oshkosh.) 
Besides having a nice birthday dinner and quiet night with my hubby? 
Besides like 100 birthday greetings on FB? 
Besides lunch today with my boss?
Besides getting a paycheck?
Besides having a smooth trip home with clear roads?
Besides enjoying my cozy warm apartment and bed?
Besides presents from my friends and family?

THE Best birthday present of all was that my son started treatment today! He went. He went. He went!!!!! (even though he was very anxious about it!) ............and......he liked it. (HUGE Smiles and Huge Relief!) He was encouraged. There were only 4 people in the class. He felt comfortable and he talked. He told me that it's what he needs.

Oh happy day! Happy Birthday to me!