Saturday, May 23, 2015

Common Sense

I've been a neat freak most of my life, as long as I can remember. I'm pretty sure that even though my father insisted that all my toys were picked up, lest he trip over them or step on one, there was something already within me that caused me to be an organizer. Seriously, it drove me crazy when I had to look through my mother's recipe drawer. They were just all thrown in the drawer which meant one had to search through them one by one to find the one they were looking for.

Some things just seem to come naturally to me. Then other things I do simply for the sake of making it easier on me. It's easier to take your shoes off at the door rather than have to get out the broom to sweep up all the dirt clumps left behind. It's easier to wash a few rugs than to replace the carpet. It's easier to put things in bins than to have to clean them from any destruction later. Get my drift? 

There are plenty of people who will agree that neatness makes it easier to have a clear mind. A clear mind means less confusion and less panic. As we age, this becomes even more important because our minds somehow get confused more easily. 

Obsession is not what I'm talking about here. Obsession is not wanting people in your space to mess it all up. Obsession would mean not being able to leave the mess until later when necessary. I want to highlight the necessary part because if one is able to clean the mess right away, then it's still easier. Easier than waiting until the project becomes overwhelming. It's easier to wash a few dishes than the whole kitchen full of dishes. (NO. I am not speaking to anyone in particular.) It's easier to put a few things away immediately than to have to pick up and put away a whole room full. (If this applies to you, then hopefully you will find a way to make your life easier.)

Is it OCD or just plain common sense?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Surprise Me!

Whenever I go to Oshkosh, my daughter and I go thrift shopping. I usually have at least a couple things I need or could use. This time was no different. Before we went on our hunt, I said my usual prayer, but changed it up this time and told Ump-pa, "Just surprise me!"

Well, He did. The first thing I found was this footstool. It's like brand new. The best part? It's the perfect height for hubby. The funny thing is that I had bemoaned the fact that we had gotten rid of his old footstool. What I didn't know until I brought this gem into the house was that hubby said the old footstool was too low. This one, apparently, is the perfect height for him. Only Ump-pa would have known that.

I found a bigger colander which we definitely needed. I also got a pair of jeggings, a new pair of jeans, some new long underwear as well as a few sweaters and shirts. When I tried them on, everything fit perfectly. Everything! In fact, I can't help but freak out about my new blue jeans. They are so comfortable. It's like they were made just for me. The clothes came together to make a couple outfits actually. That's not easy for me to do. Only Ump-pa knew that.

I think I like surprises better than trying to put things together myself. In fact, I think I've found a knew way to pray. Just Surprise Me!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brilliant ShiningStar!

Roxie is done with radiation. We are all elated. The clinic gave her a necklace and a certificate. She's excited to not have to go anymore as well as to get on with the healing process. However, she's made connections with other cancer patients there and is also sad that she won't see them anymore.

We also heard a good report from OB-GYN. She is completely healed from her hysterectomy. 

The photo is of Roxie's armpit. The radiation process burns like a sunburn. This arm pit is raw. They said it would actually get worse before it gets better, but once it starts healing that it should heal up quickly. By the time she goes in for a checkup in a month, it should be healed, we were told. They gave her some aloe vera cream to use.

She will be going in for massage therapy in order to regain feeling back into her numb areas. We pray for complete healing of skin, bones, heart, all breast tissue and we wish a long life for her and that all her dreams come true. She is my star, yes, she's my brilliant shining star!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We All Fall Down!

Wow. One of the things I love about grace is that we really no longer have to strive. There is a serious sigh of relief. No more need to try to be perfect, try to measure up to something too high to achieve, no more need to be responsible for everything. Huge and wonderful relief. Breathe in the grace with me.

It occurred to me that this applies to everything. Not only do we not have to reach some level of "good" enough, we know we cannot do anything in our own strength. Nosirrreeee Bob!

It is the same as when Jesus said, "If you want to try to keep the rules, the law, or some measure, go ahead. Knock yourself out." Obviously, this is my personal paraphrase, but seriously, this applies to everything else too. If you want to be the best spouse, mother, father, neighbor, author, writer, blogger, etc. Go right ahead and try it on your own strength. Sadly, we all try.

If I've learned anything over the years, it is that I need help. With everything!!! It's hard to be human, but guess what? It's the way we are made. We are made to need HIS help. So, the sooner we confess our need for His help, the better. Yeah. Let's just admit it. We all fall short. We all fall down.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

...And, That's the Truth!

Gratitude seems to sum up my days lately. I am seriously thankful for so many things. It seems that it is one of the most significant results of love and grace. It's hard to contain the overwhelm, the goodness, the joy. 

An outcome after going through struggles or hardships is the ability to deeply enjoy the calm. It's no different than the sun breaking through after a torrential rain storm. Relief. Joy. Calm. Everything is good again. We can breath again.

It would be wonderful to take all pain away from the world. Wouldn't it be nice if there was no more suffering, no more terrorists, no more fighting, no more right wing verses left wing, no more ISIS, no more prejudice, no more bullying, bombs or shootings? No more evil dictators? I look forward to peace, as we all do. 

Peace. True peace transcends the trials, the struggles, the hardships. But, seriously, I still get my grundies in a bundie. I still get nervous. My hair tells the true story. It's thinning!When I mentioned it to my beautician, she said, "You have some new growth, but you were obviously under stress."

Stress. Guess I've gone through just about everything now except maybe a hurricane or a tsunami. (NO! DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BRINGING EITHER ONE MY DIRECTION!) I know I am different. I feel different. I even react differently, so it has to be evident to those around me. 

How have I managed? Only one way, baby. Only one way. Faith. Faith is what I've clung to. Faith is the little nugget down in the pit of my stomach when everything else fell apart. Faith was what made me not be able to throw in the towel. Faith said, "I do not understand this. I don't know why everything fell apart, but this I do know. Yes...Jesus loves me....yes, Jesus loves me....yes, Jesus loves me....the Bible tells me so." And, that's the truth!