Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Up in the Air, Again!

Yep. Again. Roxie's ultrasound shows that she has a mass on her ovary. It's either a cyst (benign) or a tumor. They did a blood panel now (hold your breath) but will remove it during surgery and biopsy it.

That's the bad news. Now for the good. Roxie's doctor had the same breast cancer and did the same reconstructive surgery and hysterectomy simultaneously like Roxie is doing. (Very comforting.) Also, her surgery day is the same day that her reconstructive surgery is scheduled. That means that they just have to reserve the operating room. We will know tomorrow if that works and if it's a go for the 24th of February.

Yes. We are a bit unsettled. A bit uncertain. And totally wonder, yet hope that this will just be another hurdle to catapult on our way to health and wholeness. 

Although we continue to pray and hope, we still feel the uncertainty. Yep. We're up in the air, again. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Work and Surgery

Today went fairly smoothly for me. My desk was not piled high like is usually the case, so that was a big relief. It was also nice that it's still light out at 5:00, although after running errands, it's dark as night for the commute home. Errands, chores, planning for tomorrow and then couch equals crash, then repeat tomorrow. I know you can relate.

Roxie's update is that she has to see the doctor again tomorrow and have a pelvic ultrasound before surgery. Then they will coordinate a surgery room with her reconstructive surgeon. Prayers for this to work perfectly for everyone concerned. Prayers that there is not even a trace of cancer in her body. She's still a little weak and tired. Very tired. The kind of tired that just doesn't go away even though she naps or sleeps.

I haven't heard how Mitch's day went, but I bet it went well. He drove equipment in the service, so I'm sure it was all good.

All-right-ty then. That's about it. My life will be pretty dang boring for the next few months. I will try to spice it up as often as I can. Actually, maybe I will post directly from my journal. That should be a little more exciting than writing about work and surgery. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Big Day Tomorrow!

My last day before I start working full time for the next three months has literally breezed by. It didn't help that I spent the whole morning in bed. I wasn't feeling very well after our good-bye party last night. One of the signs of old age, I guess. Just can't handle it. Hubby's pretty tired also. He wanted to crawl back in bed this morning too.

It was good to see everyone and although I hugged Annie longer than ever and told her she couldn't go, she's pretty excited. I'm sure. I would be too. Her man got a job already, so things are moving along quite nicely. Today, she is busy packing up her things. We will miss her. She's moving about 5 hours north of San Antonio. Should be pretty nice there, although they did have snow the other day. Any amount of snow is a snow day in the south. It delayed the start of his job by two days. He starts tomorrow.

Roxie goes to the OB/GYN doctor tomorrow and we still pray that she will be able to coordinate her surgeries so they will be on the same day and just before the weekend, so her hubby will be home to help her recoup. 

I'd say that it's going to be a big day tomorrow. Yes. A very big day!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tell at Least One!

First day back home and we are gearing up for a good-bye party. One of our daughters will soon be on her way south, as in moving away. Far, far away. O.K. It's just Texas, but that's a long way to drive to see her. 

On my drive home from Roxie's, I heard a radio announcer talk about what he'd do if he only had six months to live. I've been thinking about that ever since which is a little more than 24 hours now. What would I do? What would you do? It doesn't help that it's been a year since Scott left our world. We didn't have any warning. There were no signs. His heart just gave out before his time. 

What would I do? My first response. Gut level. I'd quit my job. Then, I'd beg, borrow and steal my way around the United States to visit my family and friends. I'd say all the things that I feel in my heart so they'd know how much I love them and appreciate them. Somehow, I feel like I've failed in that respect. I don't always speak my feelings. Shocking, I know. But, a writer is more comfortable writing their feelings.

So, let's practice speaking out those feelings, shall we? Yes. Say it with me:

Today, I will verbally tell at least one person how much they mean to me. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

In Scott's Honor

Today we remember Scott. We've remembered him over the past year by making little visits to the grave site, by chatting about him, by visiting with his brother and father as well as chatting with friends and coordinating a special outing in Scott's honor.

I'd post a picture of my hubby at the grave, but he's not a big fan of his pictures any more than I'm a fan of mine.

We love you Scott. Miss you terribly. Miss your smile and our little visits. Although we plan to make a memorial trip in your honor, we rejoice that we will celebrate someday when we will be forever reunited in Paradise.