Monday, August 3, 2015

A Beautiful Day!

It's been awhile since I updated you on how Roxie is doing. Crazy that it's been a year since she found a lump. In a nutshell, she is using all her energy and focus to heal. Her finger pain and numbness continues to be a huge issue. She recently posted the following on FB:

Woke up this morning unable to make my body do anything. 

My finger pain is now shooting up into my arms and my toes are doing the same to my legs. 
I have resorted to pain meds unfortunately. 
I don't function well in pain. 

It's one of those things that just gets in my way! 

Pulling myself together slowly today.

She is more aware of the beauty and miracle of every day she is alive and takes nourishment from the beauty of our sunny summer days. Summer so appropriately the season where the new growth flourishes.

I pray for Roxie's complete restoration, to totally kick this cancer in the butt. And I pray aloud the word of truth. BY HIS WOUNDS SHE IS MADE WELL! BY HIS WOUNDS SHE IS HEALED!

It's such a beautiful day!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

In Love with HIM!

My heart is still so overwhelmed by the goodness of God and how His presence in our lives has been so much more evident lately. Maybe it's keeping track of all the good things in our lives and our busy days that keeps us more positive and focused on His goodness. Regardless, I step outside and I want to just soak Him in. I sit down to eat and I just can't help but feel thankful for every good thing He's provided.

It always amazes me how things come together so much better when we give our days and plans to Him. We had thunderstorms this morning. When the storm warning alarm went off on my iPhone this morning, I prayed the angels to protect us. Later, there were some golf size hail reports in our area and even a report that a very serious storm was coming immediately toward us. I had just happened to be singing in the shower prior to this....."every step I take, your angels surround me, every step I make, your angels uphold me...."

As it turned out, that storm provided me with the opportunity to attend to the vegetables I had purchased from the farmer's market recently. I had no idea when I would be able to fit the whole processing procedure into my busy schedule because I'd committed to an extra work day at the office.

Again, I feel so extremely blessed. And so it is, that my heart is full. I just can't help being in love with HIM.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Way!

There was a quote I recently saw. Perhaps someone posted it on FB but it goes like this. "Treat someone like an enemy and they will become your enemy. Treat them like a friend and they will become your friend."

What if everyone treated friends, relatives and even people they randomly ran into as if they were important, special and wonderful? What if we treated them with the utmost respect and dignity? What if we gave others the benefit of the doubt and believed the best about them and for them? Wow. Sounds like heaven. It would be wonderful.

To extend respect to another person may sometimes mean that we agree to disagree. We agree to accept one another's differences and view points. Seriously, being merciful will mean being open to hear and accept the other side of the coin and even the gray. It is to hear, empathize with and understand where a person is coming from. Sadly, this is often misunderstood.

As a vessel of mercy, you will be misunderstood, even as Jesus was misunderstood. Remember those religious folk who wanted to stone the woman who was caught in adultery? BUT NOT JESUS! He extended mercy. He defended her and told her accusers, "Hey. If you have not sinned, then go ahead and hurl the first stone at her."

It's sad that we so often want to hurl stones at one another. It's also sad that people still spit on Jesus and reject His mercy. They still misjudge Him and falsely accuse Him. His claims still stand. He said, "I am the way!"

Friday, July 31, 2015

Beautiful Melody!

There was a little nugget I found the other day while reading Job 22:21. The Good News Translation says, "Make peace with God. Stop treating HIM like an enemy." Seriously. It says that and it made me think. Hmmm. That would be to treat Him like someone you don't want to see or talk to. That would mean you distance yourself from Him.

Making peace with God is coming to terms with Him and getting along well with Him. It's learning to understand His heart. It's knowing and believing or trusting the best about Him. When we understand another person's heart, it's easier to understand their actions and give them the benefit of the doubt. His are always about love.

Honestly, although God is always right, HE DOES NOT force His thoughts or ways on us. He is very patient to kindly show us the error of our ways IF we let Him. He is always gentle and kind when He deals with us.  In fact, the more we understand this, the easier it is to be in harmony with Him and others. 

Treating someone like a friend is being joyful and happy to be with them, to pick up as if no time had lapsed, as if there is nothing held back, as if we'd share everything with them. Like even better than a bestie. 

To make peace with God is in essence to be at peace with the world around you. It is the essence of harmony. That in turn creates a beautiful melody.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feast Your Heart!

I found a little nugget in Jeremiah 1 this morning. God went to Jeremiah and revealed His calling to him. He called him to be a prophet before He was even born. You and I are called or assigned before we are born. We are called, appointed, set apart and ordained to be vessels of mercy.

I had to laugh. After such a magnificent revelation in a powerful blessing, Jeremiah's excuse seems totally lame, but so common to every one of us. We are all attacked as children and grow up just wishing and praying to be heard and understood.

"Ah, but excuse me God, I cannot speak. No one ever listens to me. I'm just a child in this old body. I might as well shut up. No one hears me ever. No one cares about me or my feelings. No one responds to my posts on FB. No one has ever listened to me or cared. Some things never change."

So, the Lord came down. Verse 7 seems like a harsh rebuke and I'm not so prone to like harsh. I'd rather have gentle. I'd rather be empowered by loving truth. So here's the truth:

God equips us with all spiritual blessings. He strengthens and empowers us! He completes and perfects us to do His work. He prepares us. We are fully fitted, thoroughly furnished and completely prepared! (See II Thessalonians 2:17, II Timothy 3:17 and Hebrews 13:21)

Let's open the cupboard doors and refrigerator. Let's feast on the truth. If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it! That means you have full rights to open the door and enjoy the fruit! You have full rights to all the wealth and treasures, all the healing, talent, creativity, restoration, joy and peace of Jesus Christ Himself.

Let our hearts be fixed on what is true. May the Lord direct your heart into the love of God and into the patience of Christ! Yes. Feast your heart on that!