Friday, February 12, 2016


Surprised myself tonight. I was going to type two weeks's actually three weeks down. Eleven more to go! We've gotten into a better rhythm at work and things are flowing nicely. In our world, we could look at this two different ways. Eleven weeks until tax season is done for me.'s eleven weeks until I get to work with hubby for the summer. That's sweet.

My neck and back have responded quite nicely to the Penetrax cream and copper sleeve treatment. I did try to go one night without taking ibuprofen and realized that was not a good thing, so I make sure I take two ib's before bed. I'm very thankful to finally be almost normal. That's as in, living with tolerable pain. But, every time that knot in my back surfaces, I jab it with my Body Back Buddy. It's wonderful. Thanks honey!

Aaah...The whole weekend. Happy Friday. Enjoy! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

No Side Affects!

It's definitely time for an update on how my daughter, Roxie, is doing. A year ago, she went through radiation. (She'd previously finished her chemo and reconstructive surgery.)

Her hair has grown out, slowly but surely. It's still short, but cute. Curlier and I know she had to fight with it a bit, but it looks like it's more manageable now. Thankfully, she did not have to join the ranks of those who have to endure permanent hair loss.* We rejoice with her.

She still experiences bone pain and is extremely sensitive to the cold. (Too bad she and I can't go south for the winter.) She also has pain on her radiated side. She said it's almost like a piece of underwire from a bra constantly pressing on her. Unfortunately, she won't be able to remove that at the end of the day. But, she's learned to use it as a reminder to pay attention to herself. She said her pain can be managed and is all par for what she's been through.

A site that gives you tips for encouraging your loved one or friend who is fighting cancer is definitely worth reading:

There's some exciting news about a breakthrough on cancer research development. It looks like there's an immunotherapy vaccine available for lymphoma, breast and leukemia with very encouraging results.** This is huge and very exciting as it has zero toxins and no side affects!*** 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Great Father!

So nice to see the sun shine again. It's been a very dark winter here in the woods. The sky was pink on my way home tonight which means it's going to be another sunny day tomorrow, albeit a bit on the cold side. Three more days and it is suppose to start warming up again. We can do this. Yes. We can!

Hubby is busy with inventory tonight for the shop. I'll be ready to help as soon as I post. We are eager to get this monkey off our back. Our accountant, my boss, said it was a must for our taxes this year.

After work, we usually sit and share any good news or events that might have happened that day. Tonight, we multi-tasked. We shared good news while we ate dinner. Just so we could jump in and work on the inventory.

Good news? This week, so far, we've been blessed with serious protection. Hubby fell twice. Not just once, but two mornings in a row while shoveling the snow. The second time, he fell back and hit his head on the rocks by the back door. We are very thankful that he is O.K. Stiff, but otherwise good!

I've been protected twice this week from car accidents. I usually drive defensive. If I can see it coming, I watch out for the other driver in case they do something stupid. Sure enough, it kept me safe this week. 

Hope you are kept safe as well. I'm so glad that God is personal like that. That He promised to take care of us and protect us. He is a great Father!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Try Anything!

This is my Valentine's present which came via today. Very romantic. It's all about pain management. This is the Body Back Buddy Deep Muscle Massage my hubby got for me. I'm pumped because it will be very helpful to reach that nasty muscle on my right side that always hurts. Yes. ALWAYS!

I wore my Copper Compression Sleeves last night, then again all day at work. I've been sitting on the edge of my chair at work just so I would sit up straight. I also rubbed in my Penetrex cream which is an anti-inflammatory cream. So far, we are at about the same pain level as we were before we started the new cream and sleeves.... BUT....I will need to be better about rubbing in the cream 3-4 times a day. Hard to do at work because I do not get a break. I will try to do it anyway. 

Apparently tumeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. We've looked for tumeric root without success. O.K., I realize we do live in the woods, but it just might be worth using a little tumeric spice in my morning juice or in a spoonful of peanut butter. 

No one likes pain. Pain is an energy thief. As is the cold. You spend your day feeling pain or cold, or both, it wipes you out. That's why we are willing to try anything!

Monday, February 8, 2016


Wow. Some days are better than other days. Some days are easier than other days. AND, some days wipe you out more than other days.

Today's good news? Hubby got our 4-wheeler rigged up with a plow, but apparently it needed a little to help to loosen the rust so the plow would shift left or right. Today, he sent the plow straight into a snow bank and the plow shifted to the right. He was able to plow! Then, when he needed to go the other direction, he snow banked it again. BAM. It shifted to the left. This is great news folks. One more way we are managing on less. We can now plow our own shop. Whoo hooo!

My other good news for today? I got my order from Amazon.
I am thankful that after two plus weeks of spraying Pain medicine and taking two ibuprofen before bed every night (as previously posted*) my neck is finally getting better, but it's still not 100 percent. Tonight, I go to bed with my new copper compression bands and I have already rubbed in the Penetrax. The compression bands are much thinner than I thought they'd be, but since hearing so many good reports about how well they work, I'm very hopeful.