Monday, March 30, 2015

We Say NO! NO! NO!

Roxie starts radiation in a couple weeks. She reassured me that it shouldn't mess with the progress she's made recouping from the chemo. But, there is a down side. It could break a rib or damage her implant. It might even damage her heart if the rays get to it.

The other day, I posted about her chemo face. I'm happy to report that there are a couple products that she has found to be very helpful. She was given a sample of Nerium Night Cream and also several L'Brie products. After just a few days, she has noticed a remarkable improvement.

Please join me to pray that there will be no damage to her implant or to her heart. Also that she will continue to regain her youthfulness and that her bone and joint pain will end and that the feeling in her finger tips will return. NO damage and NO more numbness! We say NO! NO! NO!


Sunday, March 29, 2015

If I Could

I almost forgot to blog. It's Sunday which means Fun Day to me...time to write...time to create. Before I started though, I thought I would sit and do some reading. I have two books for review and since we've been working such late hours, I hadn't gotten very far with even one of them. I read 100 pages this morning.

Since Sunday is time for music, I purposed to finish the lines I wrote in my journal yesterday. It was a song for my daughter, for your daughters, a song or prayer for a cure. I recorded it on my phone but it was 3.22 minutes, too long to send via text or email. I ended up taping it in two videos which meant I had to play and sing quickie quickie so they were under 1.30 minutes long. I sent them to my daughter so she could hear the song. Since I can't share the song (I'm not techy enough), I'll share the verses that inspired the song:

If I could I'd wipe away your tears
I'd slay your giants & take away your fears
I'd wear the scars for you
If I could, you know I's true.

I'd bear your cross, I'd drink the cup
I wish it were that simple to just switch it up
I'd take the gun, I'd wear the bald
But life's not fair...without reason or rhyme.

That sums it up, really, but the song has a chorus and bridge like every other song and it's true, if I could, I'd do it for her...if I could.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wear My Shoe

I love the fact that Cinderella was finally able to escape, then to be discovered and then swept away forever. The focus for today, however, is that only she could wear the shoe. In the whole kingdom, there wasn't another girl that fit that glass slipper.

Listen up girlfriends (and guys too), only you can fit and wear your shoes! Only you can do what you are meant to do.

No matter what you are going through or how hard you have to work to keep food on the table, there's only one you and deep inside, I hope you know and are able to repeat after me, "Only I will fit my shoe!" 

So, let's dance a little happier today in spite of the negative messages or lack of positive attention. In spite of everything, know that you are loved. You are a beautiful bright shining star plucked from heaven above on loan to earth for such a short time. That's what you are, so keep shining. 

I hope that that every time you look down at your shoes you remember, "Only I can wear my shoe!" 

Friday, March 27, 2015


I've had several discussions lately about how things are getting crazy in the world and since I work in a tax office, it is no surprise that people are frustrated with the new health care fiasco, ahem ObamaCare. While these are random encounters or work related encounters, I've tried to insert some statements of truth, but felt like I had fallen short of truly seizing the opportunities. I felt like a bad daughter (or light) because I hadn't.

I expressed my frustration in my journal this morning. Just as quickly as I had written it down, I had a duh moment. (Whenever I've experienced difficulties in a relationship that required being able to openly discuss things, I've always lifted it up to my Ump-pa and He's always worked things out for me. Every time.) So, this morning, without words, in that instant, I knew. Oh yeah, just pray and ask Him to make more opportunities and help me by sending His Holy Spirit. So, the next time the opportunity comes up, the Spirit will speak through me. How simple is that. Duh.

No guilt. No condemnation. Just pray that it will come out naturally. Sweet. Done. You know it. So, in the meantime, I pray for those specific people too. Yep. There's a reason for every encounter. Relax and just give it to Him. Then you know, it's done!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Embrace That!

Tonight's post is a message that I stole off of Roxie's Facebook page because it touched me. It touched me that she has been surrounded by people and doctors that have reached out to her and been there for her to support her. It touched me because I know that she's not only been blessed, but that she's been a blessing. Because she is a beacon of light in spite of every devastating detail she's had to face with every step of her fight. 

She thought she had chemo face, whatever that is. She thought it looked like Cancer. When I told her that I didn't know because I hadn't seen her lately, she sent a picture, a very smiley picture. Nope. It didn't look like cancer to me. So she posted a new picture on FB.

When she posted it, she said this one didn't look sick, but that sometimes she still looks sick. Maybe so, but sometimes I look sick too. Kind of like a bad hair day only in our face. Then, I saw the following comment she posted after she shared news that someone had given them an all expense paid family trip when she's finally through with this ordeal.

I have met so many beautiful people and am more attached to the current beautiful people I have already. Everyone is just amazing, even strangers. The mothers and teachers at school have helped so much that I haven't felt so alone in this. Cancer sucks but it has taught me a lot about people and I had given up on decent people. I see the beauty in the wind now, birds chirping, trees blowing. This is a humbling experience to be faced with death. So tomorrow I want you all when you step outside to smell the air, listen to the birds, the noise our world makes and put a smile on that face when a customer is frustrating. We have a beautiful world with beautiful people still. Let's embrace that!!!

Yeah. What she said. Take the time to embrace that!