Thursday, October 23, 2014


Roxie said the aspiration went well today, but after hearing about it, I was thankful someone else was there with her, to hold her hand and give her moral support.

It took about a half hour. (Apparently the nurse was sweating, but Roxie was numbed.) I guess there is only so much room to get it (the collection of fluid under the AlloDerm)and it moves around. If she had punctured the expander, it would have meant immediate surgery.

Phew. Roxie said it is fairly common and is likely this may happen again. Oh yes. Good thing I wasn't there. Talk about intense. I'm very thankful for all the prayers going up for her, covering her even when we don't realize the severity of things.

I spent the last 3 days working at my accounting job so I could take next week off in order to go out and see Ginny. We really don't have the money for me to go, but since I can hitch a ride, I'm going to believe that it will all work out somehow because I would forever hate not having seen her to say goodbye.

I hate that families are spread all over the country. It's about a 950 mile trip from our world to hers.

I'd best get hopping!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Below Zero!

Roxie is still feeling better with all four drains out. She discovered a little fluid on her right breast which they will drain, or aspirate, tomorrow. She's taking some pain medication yet but overall not in too much pain. She is listening to her body and taking it slower so she doesn't do too much and get worn down. I'm glad she is able to pace herself since her hubby went back to work. (He was not paid for the time he had to take off.)

We are both devastated with the news that Roxie's cousin, Ginny has cancer that is in her liver. The tumor on her lung was too close to her heart to operate, so they started her on chemo to try to shrink it. She was having difficulty breathing. This happened so suddenly. Apparently she had pneumonia that wouldn't go away and now she's been given just a couple weeks to live.

I spoke with her hubby tonight and told them we were coming. Roxie is in good hands, so I will go for both of us. In fact, Roxie has a lot of really wonderful friends who are ever ready to help.

My niece and I had so many plans. We were going to go camping, but we never made it. It wasn't that we didn't want to, but things were just difficult, for both of us.

Somehow, the Good Lord has answered my prayers and has made a clear path for me to be able to go see my Ginny. I just wish it was that we were going camping instead of saying good bye.

I don't know for sure what Elton John felt when he wrote Too Low, but I can't help but feel too low for zero. I've felt that way too often lately. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I'm below zero!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Confession

By Robert Whitlow

This book is about a District Attorney who has a secret. Ironically, he loves getting a confession of guilt, knowing that there will be a guilty plea. But, his secret, if exposed, could end his career and maybe even his relationships.

I was very excited to read this book, especially after reading Life Support and Life Everlasting, also by Robert Whitlow. I loved the title. Somehow, it seemed mysterious and enticing.

This was my first e-book to review on my iphone and I didn't have any difficulties with that, but it was hard to get into this book. I was about one-third of the way through the book before I actually got in the groove because there were so many details (conversations) that I found difficult to follow. There were more of these conversations than actions, in my opinion. I wondered if there would be a reason for all of them and was relieved when one finally kicked in. 

I loved the usage of one of my favorite verses towards the end. (I won't ruin it.) But, this was not my favorite book. I liked the idea and the story line, but felt it could have been more intense. There was one random scene where Holt's dog's encountered a snake, but there wasn't really an explanation for why it happened, and overall, this book did not keep my attention as well as others.

I received a free e-copy from the publishers through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my review. I was not required to give a positive review.

I review for BookLook Bloggers

Monday, October 20, 2014

This and That

I took a picture after yesterday's post for those visual learners..

Example of forgotten refrigerated items.
(These are easy items for me to forget too.)

Roxie got  her last drain out this morning. YES! AND, the best news? She was worried about one of her nipples. In her words, she thought her right nipple had lost its battle. It looked pretty dark. BUT, it's alive! It was just glue. Apparently they use some type of glue. 

I bought a blue tooth keyboard so I could type my posts with my tablet, but it's not any easier. The keyboard is smaller than a regular keyboard and the touch is challenging. Sometimes it doesn't type the letter i push and other times, it puts in multiples. But, I'm certain that I will get used to it.

Hubby informed me that he was not the one who helped me give Roxie a bath. (See Beg & Plead post.) I meant Roxie's huubby.... ((See what I mean?) Anyway, I have updated the post.

I called Splendid Cleaning Service in Appleton. They said they do have availability and that they do go to Oshkosh (where Roxie lives). What we have to do, is fill out the application online at It sounds like each individual situation is evaluated to decide what is best for each family.

Other than the above, I'm getting my own home in order, having my own mammogram and DEXA scan tomorrow and putting in a few hours at work while we wait for oncology and radiology to make their recommendations. Then we will know exactly how they will attack this cancer (with chemo and/or radiology).

While we wait, we continue to pray, continue to bake cookies, continue to keep busy with this and that.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Helpful Hints for Guys (Well, maybe Gals too!):

After being gone for two weeks to be with my daughter before, during and after her mastectomy and partial reconstructive surgery, I have gleaned some ideas for this post which I would like to pass on to all guys, not just those who are experiencing the role of Mr. Mom on behalf of their loved one fighting breast cancer.

Calendar. Use a calendar for everything. Dr. appointments, Reminders, Cleaning Day, notes to pick up dry cleaning, menu or meals provided by so and so. (This will come in handy for thank you notes.) I know your loved one usually keeps these things straight for you, but they may get confused. After all, they will be on some serious pain medications.

Charts. We used a drug chart produced on an Excel spreadsheet in order to keep the drugs straight. There were some that we gave her every 3 hours, some every 8 hours, some 3 times a day and one we gave 2 in the morning and 2 at night. The rest we gave her before bed. Good luck keeping them straight without some type of chart!

Remain calm. Take deep breaths. Blow away the instinct to become overwhelmed. Your stress will be felt by your loved one and it will be harder for them to deal with than any of the pain they feel. It will actually make them feel worse. They are used to doing these things for you and you may or may not realize what all they actually do to ensure your life is easier and your home is your castle.

Leftovers are great, if you will eat them. It helps to keep a mental (or physical) calendar and eat the oldest foods first. (I know, pizza trumps stir fry, but it will still be there. So, eat the stir fry for lunch and the pizza for dinner.) Rule of thumb, if it's older than you can remember, better throw it out. 

Mail contains mostly junk that can go right into the garbage without even opening. I sort it on my way back from the mailbox and walk immediately to the shredder. Yes, we shred. No one would want to be us, but again, I err on the safe side. It's just not worth the hassle if someone does steal your identity.

Before opening another jar of taco sauce or another bag of taco chips, please look to see if there isn't one already open. I know, it may mean bending down and searching through everything in the refrigerator, but take that as your cue to clean out any lost or forgotten, but hopefully not moldy yet, items.

Dishes, believe it or not, do not wash themselves. I have discovered that it is so much easier and a lot less overwhelming if I wash them right away. Those sponge scrubbers with the soap in the handle are a God-send. After I eat, I scrub the dishes and put them on the mat to dry. It certainly beats waiting until you can't find the bottom of the sink or the food has dried on the plates or silverware.

Flower water needs to be changed every few days otherwise the stems will start to rot and it will stink. It will also help those roses to perk up and last longer. We want them to give your loved one a lift for as long as we can. Someone paid good money for those beauties.

How do we remember to water our plants? Scheduling is the secret. It's usually a once a week affair. I personally like to water on my cleaning day. I have to move them to dust anyway. Use the calendar to remind you, if need be.

Dust? Clean? OK, so you are not worried about dust or a few hairs on the toilet. Maybe just a quick wipe with a wad of toilet paper will help your wife look past the fact that she hasn't been able to clean it. Another quick fix is to take the hand towel (which needs to be replaced regularly) and wipe out the sink and the counter.Then wipe off the top of the toilet. See? It gets dusty and hairy too! These two little hints take so little time, but will really be helpful.

Speaking of cleaning, I received a text from one of my readers (who read yesterday's post) informing me that there is help. Cleaning for a Reason is a nonprofit organization that provides house cleaning services to help women fighting any type of cancer. There's even one close to my daughter.