Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

My boss and I have talked about rearranging my office for quite some time. I think it's been a good year actually. We recently chatted about it again and she said she'd ask around for some muscle. Last week, I asked if she'd found some help and she said that she'd forgotten to ask. "Hmmm. I see how you aren't as excited about moving my office as I am." Yes. That's exactly what I told her.

Before I went to work yesterday, I said to my hubby, "Wouldn't it be cool if my boss got my office rearranged?"  When I walked into my office, my boss had moved my desk. We spent the morning moving the file cabinets and putting files back in their place. We decided that we might need some pictures on the walls, but otherwise, I was beside myself. It's much more spacious and efficient. Yes! Yes! Yes! Happy Thanksgiving to me!

It will definitely make it more fun to go to work each week. But, seriously, what I'm the most thankful for is my family. I'm so thankful for those who are able to share a turkey dinner with us. Yes. Thanksgiving is definitely about family. If you read this, you are family! So, Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Make Good Mates!

Beauty is a quality of the heart. My dad used to put it this way, "Beauty is as beauty does." He would usually add something to the effect that the most gorgeous women are sometimes the ugliest. How one acts and behaves is more becoming or beautiful than outward beauty.

Let me reword it this way. Unless a woman works on her inward qualities, she may never be truly beautiful. She may never really capture her man's heart. Ouch! In all fairness, this is not just limited to women. Sometimes the most handsome men are the most arrogant and rude.

Inward qualities seem, too often, to be lost these days. The first thing that comes to mind is the lack of thankfulness. Children have not been taught to appreciate things because things are replaceable today. People buy new furniture as often as they buy toilet paper. Let's talk about toys. If they've had way too many toys lavished upon them, can they really appreciate yet another toy? Appreciation will be reflected by the care one takes for their things.

Respect is earned by respecting yourself. If you respect yourself, you will be respected. Children will learn by example. You will NOT allow them to disrespect you, because you do not disrespect you. Children will learn respect by a combination of fear and demand. Give them respect by treating them with dignity and understanding, BUT demand their respect back for you by putting a little bit of fear in them. You are, after all, the parent! You are bigger, stronger and wiser! This does not require nor suggest abuse. This type of fear can be earned before they even learn to speak. When you say NO, for god's sake, mean it!

Whining, manipulative, disrespectful, ungrateful children grow into adults, whether male or female, who do not make good mates.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

That's Good News!

Good news is always fun to share. In fact I look forward to something good every day, even if it's just something simple like enjoying the sunshine. The sun has been trying to shine lately, but it just can't seem to. The clouds are a constant. 

While catching an occasional glimpse of the sun, I learned something really cool today. It's good news of sorts that I'd love to pass on. My thoughts went from poverty to war to terrorism to what can I do? When Isaiah 61:1 popped into my head "anointed to preach good news to the poor", it occurred to me that I'd best do a little more digging. 

What does anointed or appointed look like? Feel like? To anoint is to smear or rub with oil, bless, ordain, consecrate. It is to ceremonially confer divine or holy office upon by rubbing (smearing) with oil. Anointing became symbolic of blessing, protection and empowerment.

The cool part? Shepherds would pour oil on the sheep to keep lice and other insects from burrowing into a sheep's ears which would actually kill them. The oil made their wool slippery so that the bugs would fall off, making it impossible for them to get near their ears.  

All God's children are anointed and chosen for a specific purpose in furthering His kingdom. Let's remember that it's His anointing oil that protects us. It keeps the varmints (lice) from attaching themselves to us, It protects us so they are not able to lodge in our ears. Oh yes. What we hear, we often come to believe. What we believe, we carry in our hearts which can cause serious pain if we follow through or act on what we believe. It can even lead to death. I urge you to stick close to The Shepherd so He can lead you into truth. Oh be careful little ears what you hear.....

That's good news in a day where there is so much nonsense being proclaimed as truth. It's good news that we are not defenseless. It's good news that we are equipped for this. Yes, we are blessed, protected and empowered for such a time as this and that's good news!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Count on Him!

After reading a verse that popped out at me the other day, I've been thinking, meditating, reading every version and praying it back to the Lord. "Man makes his plans, but the Lord directs his steps." - Proverbs 16:9 and Psalm 37:23

While in the shower it occurred to me that INDEED, the Lord really did direct my steps. 

Funny, because this came home to me in an ironic way. It occurred to me that even though I had plans to go home, or make a trip to Eau Claire, the first of which resulted in a dip in the lake in my vehicle and the latter a double spin out at 70 mph on the freeway then down into a steep embankment ditch two weeks later that He truly determines my way. He really watches out for me.

I found great comfort in that. In a place where I wasn't exactly consciously following His way, He still watched over me. He does indeed direct, uphold, make firm, establish, order and grant success to our way!

On, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary say that He directs, by His Holy Spirit and grace, our thoughts and our affections. By His providence He even overrules events in order to make our way plain (level, obvious). God will not leave us in the enemy's hands.

Yes, take comfort, no matter where you are on your journey, we can count on HIM.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Comfort, Joy and Laughter!

I feel at times that my life is so boring, especially when I sit down to type a post. Boring because basically all we do is work, eat and sleep. So, today's post is dedicated to routine. Here's an excerpt from my journal this morning.

ROUTINE. How do we get out of routine and how do we EMBRACE ROUTINE? Routine can seem like a rut or a box of confinement, YET it's very satisfying - simple - like back in the day. It's dependable - like 5:00!

We make this big deal today about 5:00 being quitting time/cocktail time. O.K. Probably a Sissconnie (slang for Wisconsin) thing. the part about the brew hour BUT...our ROOTS???

Five o'clock is when we look forward to (hopefully) daddy coming home. Dad's coming home! It was what we looked forward to because it was family time! It was the gathering of the family to sit together and eat together and TALK to each other about everything - what was going on, what happened on the playground or on the news - and to find comfort and reassurance.

Yes. Comfort and reassurance is what family is all about. Comfort food, comfort home, stability and acceptance, a place to grow and to discover. A place where we are loved even when we spill the milk or blow up the rice in the pressure cooker (from a previous post*) It's to be a place where it's O.K. to be human. Where no one expects us to be perfect because nothing is perfect. 

It's a place where children laugh. Yes. maybe routine is a whole lot more than a rut. Maybe, just maybe routine can be a great source of comfort, joy and laughter.